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You know what the best part about Thanksgiving dinner is? It is a meal that is almost entirely on your terms. You are inundated with options, limited only by your ability to calculate delicious food combinations. (This is all assuming that you have, or are familiar with the offerings of, a family that can cook.)  You can build around a turkey-potato base if you feel so inclined, you could opt for the vegetable route and get your stuffing on. Hell, you could house pecan and pumpkin pies until you start your body begins to shake and small blue dots appear out of the corner of your eye.

Today’s TV landscape is like a hybrid of that mouthwatering smorgasbord and a Fieri-endorsed bitchin’ restaurant. There are endless options to choose from, most of which are quite a bit better than the average offering. Some networks (read: restaurants) are offering a slew of delectable choices. (Lookin’ at you, FX.) Others keep churning out edible creations that please the masses but may not satisfy those with a discerning palate. (Lookin’ at you, Uncle Les.)

We take stock of the latest TV news, break down which new shows we are excited about and then dive a little deeper on what we would like to see more of in TV in our latest episode.


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Pilot season is upon us and we take a look at which pilots are intriguing and which should have never made it this far. ABC, CBS and NBC are still relying on the old model of TV pilots – ordering dozens of expensive ideas only to order a handful to series. But FOX has plans to upset the old model and a very promising slate of shows to go with it. There is a new drama set in Egypt, a story about illegal arms dealing through the lens of a woman and comedies from Tina Fey. (And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the great work compiling all of the information from the networks by The Hollywood Reporter. That’s where our information came from.)

But before the fellas get into that, they spend a few minutes looking at CBS’s decision to hand the reigns of The Late Show to Stephen Colbert. How will Colbert adjust to network television? And what will Comedy Central fill in the coveted post-Daily Show time slot?

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Summer is a strange time for television. Networks and cable channels take chances on shows that may not play well in the fall, often to critical acclaim. (See: Breaking Bad). This year, there are plenty of interesting options, from Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” to CBS’s “Under the Dome” and Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”. Adam and Anthony take a look at those and more from this summer’s TV offerings. Then the guys discuss the Emmy’s and whether or not they matter, who got snubbed and which person should be a lock to win.



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The networks have all announced their new shows and schedules at the Upfronts in New York. Adam and Anthony take stock of the latest offerings from ABC, CBS, FOX and even NBC. The fellas take a look at the most promising, puzzling and putrid new tv shows. Robin Williams, James Spader, Andy Samberg and Greg Kinnear highlight some of the stronger pilots picked up while Seth MacFarlane and even Blair Underwood can’t seem to save some of the more confusing shows. Check out all of the trailers at the Daily Beast.
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Listen HereWhat happens when Adam proposes the idea of recording a Real World Podcast and Anthony says that he is not a big fan? Adam calls his sister Angela for reinforcement. The two break down the premiere of Real World Portland, which includes a bird, an alligator, a black mamba and “thirsties”. Hear what they have to say about the latest season and what they project for the upcoming episodes.

And to close out the episodes, they each reveal their ultimate Real World house – a compilation of the most absurd and most likable cast of characters. Disagree with their picks? Make sure you let them know! Connect with the show on Twitter and Facebook or e-mail the show.

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