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If every podcast that record did make you laugh, would you listen forever? We ask this and many other probing questions in our lame list of our favorite fictional bands. We bang on the trashcan while eating killer tofu at the sounds of the both bands that are actually talented, fringe bands that are inspired by the ’80s and ones whose music is inside of us. Can anyone unseat the famed Smash Club frequenters, Jesse and the Rippers? (That asshole from Fat Fish Records aside.) Or will reputable bands like Spinal Tap and Stillwater take the top spot?

Then the fellas move into a discussion about real actors, movies and TV shows. Adam and Anthony break down their joint confusion over the price of real estate in Elysium and look at how Orange is the New Black became must-see Netlix-vision. As always, feedback is most welcome and avenues for said feedback can be found on the right side of the page.

And we’ll leave you with this. Enjoy having it stuck in your head for the rest of the day!






August Movie Preview

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A bit late this month due to Adam and Anthony’s respective vacations and/or adventures to California, but the August movie preview is here. The fellas take a look at the most intriguing cinematic offerings of the month. Can Neil Blomkamp turn Elysium into a critical and commercial hit, like he did with District 9, with a big studio and a $100 million budget behind behind him? (Lordy we hope so.) Is the fellas’ unbridled excitement for Simon Pegg’s latest venture warranted? (Yes. Yes it is.) What the hell is happening with centaurs and Percy Jackson? (No effing clue.) And is it strange how excited Adam is for The Spectacular Now? (Again, yes. A thousand times yes.)

But this month there is an added twist: for all most major movies, the fellas will throw out their admittedly rough predictions for opening weekend box office numbers. (Early results are not too great.) Make sure to check back throughout the month for updated numbers. (All numbers in millions of dollars.) Continue reading