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Saturday begins another wonderful season of Premiere League soccer and we at the Double A Podcast decided to take stock of the league. While doing our best to pepper analysis with nuggets of bias towards our favorite teams (for myself it’s Arsenal, for Anthony Manchester City), we look at the new squads that have been promoted this year (We love the Fightin’ Foxes of Leicester!) and say goodbye to those teams that been relegated to the depths of the Championship League. (Fare the well, Craven Cottage.) We discuss the major signings, juiciest betting lines and ultimately make a case for why Arsenal or Man City will claim victory this season.




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With the World Cup and Champions League draws set, Adam and Anthony decided it was time to call their pal Drew Shank to talk about the state of the soccer world. The fellas look at USA’s unlucky draw in the World Cup and what it is going to take to come out of a group that includes Germany, the Christiano Ronaldos and those pesky Ghanaians. Then the guys take stock of some exciting Champions League matchups before diving into the latest happenings in the Premier League. What will Arsenal have to do maintain their spot at the top of the table? Will Manchester City be able to find consistency to match their unmatched talent? And will anybody be able to stop Luis Suarez from scoring all of the goals?




ep65_coverListen Now  Download Here | Subscribe on iTunes Through eight games in the Premier League season, Arsenal finds itself at the top of the table. To the surprise of many who were clamoring for change at the Emirates at the beginning of the transfer window, the Gooners have made a pivotal signing (Ozil) and seen a key player return to form at long last (Ramsey), vaulting the squad to the top of the league. Adam is joined by Drew, fellow Arsenal fan and noble fill-in for gone-Hollywood Anthony, to discuss Arsenal’s beautiful recent play, what’s next for the squad and who has been the most important player thus far. (Hint: he may be pictured above.)

Adam and Drew also look at which teams may fall out of the top of the EPL table and also break down some issues around international play and World Cup qualifying. And from this comes a weirdly passionate weirdly passionate resentment towards Papua New Guinea. (We’re not sure how it happened either.



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The Premier League is back and Adam and Anthony are here to break down NBC’s coverage and to digest some of the week’s intriguing results. Adam’s inaugural week as a premier league fan did not end happily, with Arsenal falling to Aston Villa 3-1 in the weekend’s most interesting match. The fellas call up their buddy, and longtime Arsenal supporter, Drew to dissect what the hell is going on with Arsenal and whether or not Arsene Wenger is on the coaching hot seat. They also discuss the transfer window, which teams have done a solid job of restocking talent and which team (coughARSENALcough) has not made the most of its budget.

The fellas break all that down and more, and even dive into a few other non-soccer related notes in Episode 57.


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For 23 years, Adam has been in a non-committal relationship with soccer. He played the sport competitively until college but never pledged his allegiance to a club, either internationally or domestically. But at last, he has decided that it’s time to right this wrong. With Anthony as his soccer sherpa, Adam is guided through the wonderful world of European soccer in an attempt to determine which team he wants to pledge his unflinching loyalty to. Will he go with a perennial EPL powerhouse like Manchester United? Or perhaps a squad from Bundesliga or Serie A?

Adam and Anthony discuss the pros and cons of those leagues plus the MLS before bringing in Brett Compton and Matt Pentz WeFollowFutbol.com to help with the decision. The gentlemen make compelling cases for a few teams while also using their MLS expertise to entice Adam into following a few MLS teams.

Find out which team Adam chose and share your thoughts in the comments below or e-mail them to DoubleAPod@gmail.com