Oscars Rewind: 2010 to 2015


Time can heal wounds, but it can also expose flaws. Seeing a movie can be a visceral experience and voting for the Oscars requires making a judgment call after, usually, seeing a movie just one time. As a result, some winners resonate more than others of the years. So we took a look back at  each year, from 2010 to 2015, and assessed which movies have stood the test of time and which failed to make a lasting impact.

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Saturday begins another wonderful season of Premiere League soccer and we at the Double A Podcast decided to take stock of the league. While doing our best to pepper analysis with nuggets of bias towards our favorite teams (for myself it’s Arsenal, for Anthony Manchester City), we look at the new squads that have been promoted this year (We love the Fightin’ Foxes of Leicester!) and say goodbye to those teams that been relegated to the depths of the Championship League. (Fare the well, Craven Cottage.) We discuss the major signings, juiciest betting lines and ultimately make a case for why Arsenal or Man City will claim victory this season.




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The United States may have gone down in a fit of Julian Green-infused glory but the performance of this year’s squad was not but encouraging. Clint Dempsey showed children that show an affinity for rap music in rural Texas that you CAN be a national icon. Tim Howard is the first goalkeeper to make 400 saves in a single match, according to sources. DeAndre Yedlin challenged land speed records and Fabian Johnson danced on overlaps like Arya Stark’s sword teacher man.

It’s been an incredibly memorable edition of the World Cup, with crushing injuries, last-minute goals and unexpected finishes. A host country is in mourning, its rival is anticipating magic and a European squad looks to become the first to win on South American soil.

We talked about all things World Cup before getting in to some of the latest Premier League buzz. Take a listen and send us your thoughts.


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The World Cup is a grandiose spectacle celebrating a beautifully simple game. It is a complicated event, ripping through a country struggling to overcome economic disparity like an unrelenting cyclone, sure to leave behind a mess Brazilians will be forced to clean up. A Jules Rimet trophy would be a fleeting moment of bliss for Brazil, followed shortly by more protests aimed at a government’s reckless spending and a corrupt, laughable organization. FIFA is the oil spill tainting the rich, expansive ocean of international soccer, an international punching bag that appears to grow stronger despite sustaining Tyson-like haymakers from global media regularly.

And yet…

The collective enthusiasm for the World Cup has never been higher in the United States of America. USA sends a team with a spitfire manager aimed at systemically overhauling the country’s reputation and style. There are prodigies teeming with talent and stalwarts that have earned respect at the highest levels of club soccer. Coverage by ESPN, which will broadcast the tournament domestically, has exceeded expectations leading up to the event and most certainly will continue to do so moving forward. No amount of turmoil and corruption can quell the wellspring of support that seems to grow a little more every four years.

These next 32 days will ask us to look past the shiny veneer FIFA has slapped on the site of the world’s most popular tournament. And for the most part, we will. We won’t think of favelas crumbling when Michael Bradley laces a through ball to Clint Dempsey. We won’t think of gross economic disparity when Lionel Messi embarrasses grown men with maddening runs and touches. We won’t think of Sepp Blatter the Puppet Master when Luis Suarez strikes a goal with an unmatched fury. We will soak in the moments, both memorable and heartbreaking, hoping for better in the future but expecting more oil to contaminate the game we love.




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Here you are, sweet internet users. Another list of things from the year that was. Creating an arbitrary list of items pertaining to one general (or even hyper specific) topic has become the preferred way for websites to generate clicks. People click on lists of anything; it’s as certain as a late-game interception from Tony Romo. In so many ways, it is incredibly frustrating. Seeing how many users are sucked into reading a list like “21 Cats Celebrating Boxing Day” makes us weep for our children. (Screw you, Buzzfeed.) Seeing how websites are increasingly catering to this least-common-denominator type of list-ing and devoting resources to promoting this type of work is equally sad.

And while we at the Double A Podcast are firmly against list-icles, we are not above talking about things we like. If they happen to resemble something of a list, well then so be it.

In episode 74, Adam and Anthony discuss their favorite things from 2013, including an appreciation for Kanye, the new season of SNL, Kaiju, the Lannisters, Walter White and even some plays. The fellas also include a few things they are not pleased about at the end, namely the profound idiocy of Under the Dome, the weirdness of Manti Te’o and not giving a shit about whatever the fox does or does not say. (Also, ignore the fact we refer to it as Episode 75 at the beginning. We are dumb.)

Thank you all for listening throughout our maiden year. We hope you’ve enjoyed and continue to listen.



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With the World Cup and Champions League draws set, Adam and Anthony decided it was time to call their pal Drew Shank to talk about the state of the soccer world. The fellas look at USA’s unlucky draw in the World Cup and what it is going to take to come out of a group that includes Germany, the Christiano Ronaldos and those pesky Ghanaians. Then the guys take stock of some exciting Champions League matchups before diving into the latest happenings in the Premier League. What will Arsenal have to do maintain their spot at the top of the table? Will Manchester City be able to find consistency to match their unmatched talent? And will anybody be able to stop Luis Suarez from scoring all of the goals?




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The fellas of the Double A Podcast are filled with Christmas joy, but even their sunniest of dispositions cannot brighten up the sad offerings from TV this fall. Few new shows failed to gain any sort of traction and most risk being cancelled before a second season. Networks banking on stars like Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams returning to glory haven’t seen the sort of results they had hoped for. And surefire hits, like ABC’s (and Marvel’s) Agents of Shield have failed to deliver the same sort of quality Marvel fans had come to expect. Episode 72 breaks down why certain shows inevitably failed (really NBC? Ironside seemed like a good idea at some point in the pilot process?) and why others may have some hope for a certain audience, like the physically-uncomfortable-to-watch HBO comedy Hello, Ladies. The fellas also look at a few bright spots (and by a few, we mean Brooklyn Nine Nine) and what the future may hold for them.

The guys wrap it up by proposing a controversial question: has A Christmas Story run its course as the go-to marathon movie on Christmas Day? Perhaps it is time for a new movie to take over, so the guys throw a few recommendations out.

Then they discuss some Christmas music and things get weird.

Christmas Cheer from one DMX

Happy Holidays from Run DMC

Deck the Halls with the Ying Yang Twins

Merry Christmas everyone.