The Double A Podcast is the creation of lifelong buddies Adam Flango and Anthony Trovato. The pair have been friends since third grade and played on the greatest basketball team ever assembled (1999-2000 St. Alphonsus Flames, 4th grade Red Team.)For 15 years, the two have engaged in discussions about the greatness of the Fast and the Furious franchise, lamented the existence of players like Chad Scott and movie stars like Renee Zellweger and pondered what could have been for Tim Riggins. In December of 2012, they teamed together to create the Double A Podcast and now publish two episodes each week on topics ranging from fictional athletes to movie breakdowns to NCAA regulations. The podcast engages with both experts and old buddies and is geared to people like Adam and Anthony: fans of all things sports and pop culture.

Make sure you let your voice be heard. Leave the guys a message at 954-635-5939, e-mail them at doubleapod@gmail.com or find them on social media (@doubleapod | facebook.com/doubleapodcast)

And remember: attitude reflects leadership, cap’n.

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Entertainment blog

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