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You know what the best part about Thanksgiving dinner is? It is a meal that is almost entirely on your terms. You are inundated with options, limited only by your ability to calculate delicious food combinations. (This is all assuming that you have, or are familiar with the offerings of, a family that can cook.)  You can build around a turkey-potato base if you feel so inclined, you could opt for the vegetable route and get your stuffing on. Hell, you could house pecan and pumpkin pies until you start your body begins to shake and small blue dots appear out of the corner of your eye.

Today’s TV landscape is like a hybrid of that mouthwatering smorgasbord and a Fieri-endorsed bitchin’ restaurant. There are endless options to choose from, most of which are quite a bit better than the average offering. Some networks (read: restaurants) are offering a slew of delectable choices. (Lookin’ at you, FX.) Others keep churning out edible creations that please the masses but may not satisfy those with a discerning palate. (Lookin’ at you, Uncle Les.)

We take stock of the latest TV news, break down which new shows we are excited about and then dive a little deeper on what we would like to see more of in TV in our latest episode.

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