The Hound

The Worst Shit in the Seven Kingdoms. (But also sorta the best shit.)


LISTEN HERE [audio] SPOILERS: Avoid them by starting the pod to 35:55.

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Fast forward to 35:55 to avoid any and all Game of Thrones spoilers. Because that’s all the we talk about for the first half hour. We look at an awesome trio of episodes, break down some show vs. book discrepancies and handicap the season MVP race. (We like The Hound as the early Vegas favorite.)

Then we take stock of a few new shows. Silicon Valley unsurprisingly hits as a nerdy comedy and solidifies HBO’s incredible Sunday night lineup. Fargo surprises as a strange, depraved and humorous group of characters that combine to make an exceedingly interesting show. Then they look at Turn and re-think their willingness to jump all-in on Revolutionary War-era TV dramas. Now a Revolutionary War-era comedy on the foundation of a militia group with a quirky leader and slapped together crew? We’re in.

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