The Hound

The Worst Shit in the Seven Kingdoms. (But also sorta the best shit.)


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Fast forward to 35:55 to avoid any and all Game of Thrones spoilers. Because that’s all the we talk about for the first half hour. We look at an awesome trio of episodes, break down some show vs. book discrepancies and handicap the season MVP race. (We like The Hound as the early Vegas favorite.)

Then we take stock of a few new shows. Silicon Valley unsurprisingly hits as a nerdy comedy and solidifies HBO’s incredible Sunday night lineup. Fargo surprises as a strange, depraved and humorous group of characters that combine to make an exceedingly interesting show. Then they look at Turn and re-think their willingness to jump all-in on Revolutionary War-era TV dramas. Now a Revolutionary War-era comedy on the foundation of a militia group with a quirky leader and slapped together crew? We’re in.


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Pilot season is upon us and we take a look at which pilots are intriguing and which should have never made it this far. ABC, CBS and NBC are still relying on the old model of TV pilots – ordering dozens of expensive ideas only to order a handful to series. But FOX has plans to upset the old model and a very promising slate of shows to go with it. There is a new drama set in Egypt, a story about illegal arms dealing through the lens of a woman and comedies from Tina Fey. (And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the great work compiling all of the information from the networks by The Hollywood Reporter. That’s where our information came from.)

But before the fellas get into that, they spend a few minutes looking at CBS’s decision to hand the reigns of The Late Show to Stephen Colbert. How will Colbert adjust to network television? And what will Comedy Central fill in the coveted post-Daily Show time slot?

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Kate Upton acts, Johnny Depp transcends and Chris Evans Americas.

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In Episode, we look at Captain America, Transcendence, and Kate Upton literally being referred to as the Boobs. And then, there is Kevin Costner…

The NFL Draft is wonderfully weird and quite possibly the most imperfect sports event (spectacle? idea?) in regards to filmmaking. And yet, it is the subject of Kevin Costner’s latest movie, Draft Day. Costner plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns – which I won’t even bother dissecting here – and is tasked with getting the first overall pick or drafting someone that is good at football or something. (Not sure, the blood boiling in my brain clouded my movie trailer comprehension.)

But the premise of the movie, regardless of how much we care about Costner’s character, is so flawed by it’s very nature. The resolution of the story would, really, be impossible. In general, a draft class is given about four years before most scrutiny is levied. Sometimes you figure out the result after a year or two, sometimes it’s a little later. But despite the slew of grades strewn about seconds after the name is read, no draft is judge a day, month or even a year after the draft is completed. See why basing the entire movie on the idea is so silly?

Here’s the only way a resolution could be had that would make the movie even remotely plausible: GM Costner is lobbying for some create-a-player-in-Madden named quarterback while the stodgy executive is lobbying for an entirely different player. Costner ends up drafting his guy, stodgy executive is angry only to find the next morning that the player he wanted to draft was a.) arrested the night before b.) failed 29409 drug tests c.) a member of the crips or d.) dead. That’s it. Suddenly Costner is proven correct and the world is right. Also, I become angry and launch projectiles at the movie screen.

Trailers for movies discussed are listed below, in order of when they were discussed



DRAFT DAY [youtube]