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We here at The Double A Podcast still believe in late night talk shows. The programs have a way of capturing the ever-fleeting moments that have enraptured the zeitgeist and all that stuff. But what they are, first and foremost, are places for funny people (and by people, we mean, of course, dudes) to be funny. The late night talk show is one of the pillars of comedy and getting the job is still a very real privilege. Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night  sendoff if you don’t believe me. Or look at Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show debacle. You can understand why Fallon was so honored and why Conan was so pissed — hosting one of these shows is a big fucking deal.

So with that in mind, we look at the beginning of the Seth Meyers era of Late Night, how Fallon has adjusted to The Tonight Show and who currently rules the battle for late night. (Sidenote: Dave, we still love you, but you must have your assistant disseminate more photoshop-able photos in the ether. Our skills halt at around a third grade level.)


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