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I have never heard of the name Nick Cave before Anthony pitched the idea for this podcast. In fact, I sort of thought at first that a bunch of people had just spelled Nic Cage’s name incorrectly. And in reality, that probably would have been a better choice to write the script that made me question everything about the world. Cave, who has no relation to Cage but does write and perform music in Australia and has more than 60 credits as a film composer, penned a script for a movie that I hold sacred. This movie is wedged right next to Ken Griffey Jr.’s swing, Herman Boone, The Eminem Show and Tim Riggins in the top five things that I find myself remembering fondly at various times. But cave bastardized the sanctity of this movie by proposing a borderline insult premise with an equally horrific script. (Now seeing as I didn’t find the script on the most reputable of sites, this could be unduly harsh on Mr. Cave, who I’m sure is a nice enough, if not frightening to look at, man. It could be some sort of fan fiction that found legs in the internet rumor mill. But I don’t think so.)

But it is a sequel that, thankfully, never saw the light of day. Anthony and I talk about Cave’s idea, as well as 10 other sequels that never quite happened for various reasons. There is a strange Mrs. Doubtfire reboot, a missed opportunity for The Breakfast Club gang and a potential combination of Tarantino movies among the movies that never came to fruition. Any that we missed, feel free to send our way.

Unless you’re name is Nick Cave. We are THROUGH with you Mr. Cave.

– Adam

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