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The fellas of the Double A Podcast are filled with Christmas joy, but even their sunniest of dispositions cannot brighten up the sad offerings from TV this fall. Few new shows failed to gain any sort of traction and most risk being cancelled before a second season. Networks banking on stars like Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams returning to glory haven’t seen the sort of results they had hoped for. And surefire hits, like ABC’s (and Marvel’s) Agents of Shield have failed to deliver the same sort of quality Marvel fans had come to expect. Episode 72 breaks down why certain shows inevitably failed (really NBC? Ironside seemed like a good idea at some point in the pilot process?) and why others may have some hope for a certain audience, like the physically-uncomfortable-to-watch HBO comedy Hello, Ladies. The fellas also look at a few bright spots (and by a few, we mean Brooklyn Nine Nine) and what the future may hold for them.

The guys wrap it up by proposing a controversial question: has A Christmas Story run its course as the go-to marathon movie on Christmas Day? Perhaps it is time for a new movie to take over, so the guys throw a few recommendations out.

Then they discuss some Christmas music and things get weird.

Christmas Cheer from one DMX

Happy Holidays from Run DMC

Deck the Halls with the Ying Yang Twins

Merry Christmas everyone.

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