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Adam’s voice has returned in time for the fellas to wallow in disappointment. Yes, the Pirates had a miraculous, unforgettable run and in absolutely no conceivable way was the 2013 season a disappointment. But after the Buccos’ game 5 loss to the Cardinals, there couldn’t help but be a moment of sadness, frustration or whatever other unpleasant feeling you want to ascribe to the pit in Pirates’ fans stomach. It didn’t feel great and it probably took a few days, and may even take a few more, to truly appreciate how wonderful the season was.

That being said, it got the fellas to thinking about the Steelers’ disappointing campaign so far and other movies, actors, TV shows and people in general that have disappointed in recent years. The final season of Entourage (perhaps the most regularly dissected bit of pop culture on the pod not related to Dom Torreto) comes up, as well as a few actors that could have had better careers.

The fellas also find out that Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are more or less the same thing among other captivating tidbits in an otherwise somber podcast.

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