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November is a big month in the movie world, ushering in a series of Thanksgiving-released crowd pleasers and some Oscar bait for critics. This month’s offerings include a gaunt Matthew McConaughey capitalizing on his surprising run of critical success in Dallas Buyers Club, Idris Elba playing a young Nelson Mandela and Vince Vaughn continuing to disappoint fans everywhere. There are also a few movies helmed buy bankable young stars (looking at you, Hemsworth and J-Law) as well as a few older stars (a tip of the cap to you, Geoffrey Rush and Bruce Dern). Take a listen to Adam and Anthony’s thoughts on which movies they’re excited for and which they’ll pass on.


Ender’s Game 

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We are less than a week away from the return of the NBA seasons  and the fellas of the Double A Podcast could not be more excited. The league is in a terrific place right now, with the most recognizable athlete maybe in the United States leading the charge. LeBron James and the Miami Heat are poised to make a run at a third straight title. The Houston Rockets have given James Harden a running mate with the signing of Dwight Howard. Kevin Durant and the Thunder will try to withstand the absence of Russell Westbrook long enough to re-establish themselves as the class of the West. The Spurs, meanwhile, look to avenge a Finals loss.

And those are just a smattering of the storylines involving the good teams. The Sixers will make a run at historic futility with a roster that includes quite a few sad excuses for basketball players, as will the Suns and perhaps a few other teams.

The fellas are joined by their friend Carter Rodriguez to break down which players they are excited to watch on each team. Oh, and there is Wu Tang. Like, a weird amount of Wu Tang Clan references. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a human, so the involvement of Wu Tang should excite you if basketball doesn’t.

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ep65_coverListen Now  Download Here | Subscribe on iTunes Through eight games in the Premier League season, Arsenal finds itself at the top of the table. To the surprise of many who were clamoring for change at the Emirates at the beginning of the transfer window, the Gooners have made a pivotal signing (Ozil) and seen a key player return to form at long last (Ramsey), vaulting the squad to the top of the league. Adam is joined by Drew, fellow Arsenal fan and noble fill-in for gone-Hollywood Anthony, to discuss Arsenal’s beautiful recent play, what’s next for the squad and who has been the most important player thus far. (Hint: he may be pictured above.)

Adam and Drew also look at which teams may fall out of the top of the EPL table and also break down some issues around international play and World Cup qualifying. And from this comes a weirdly passionate weirdly passionate resentment towards Papua New Guinea. (We’re not sure how it happened either.



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Adam’s voice has returned in time for the fellas to wallow in disappointment. Yes, the Pirates had a miraculous, unforgettable run and in absolutely no conceivable way was the 2013 season a disappointment. But after the Buccos’ game 5 loss to the Cardinals, there couldn’t help but be a moment of sadness, frustration or whatever other unpleasant feeling you want to ascribe to the pit in Pirates’ fans stomach. It didn’t feel great and it probably took a few days, and may even take a few more, to truly appreciate how wonderful the season was.

That being said, it got the fellas to thinking about the Steelers’ disappointing campaign so far and other movies, actors, TV shows and people in general that have disappointed in recent years. The final season of Entourage (perhaps the most regularly dissected bit of pop culture on the pod not related to Dom Torreto) comes up, as well as a few actors that could have had better careers.

The fellas also find out that Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are more or less the same thing among other captivating tidbits in an otherwise somber podcast.