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The leaves are turning, the temperatures dropping and shows are premiering. This week marks the beginning of a new TV season and the fellas of the Double A Podcast are here to break down all of the new offerings from the networks and cable channels. First up: the comedies.

There are hardly any comedies being released in the cable world, so race for comedy ratings seems to be a battle between the big four networks: ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Adam and Anthony break down each day of the fall schedule and give their DVR rankings – which shows will win the coveted spots on the DVR schedule. Will Andy Samberg be able to raise Brooklyn Nine Nine, even though it goes up against the looming behemoth that is Marvel’s Agents of Shield? The fellas take a look at which shows the newbies will be competing against to help determine whether or not they’ll survive.

Then the guys take a look at the betting odds for the 2013 Emmy Awards while predicting which shows and actors/actresses will take home the most hardware.

For a list of betting odds on the Emmy Awards, click here.

And for a complete list of all the new shows coming out this fall and daily schedules, make sure to check out TVGuide.com


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