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Over the past decade or so, there has been the birth of a media critic and fan. A role that was once reserved for an ombudsman has splintered off into a series of media blogs, websites and reporters. Like politics, sports or business, media has become a beat unto itself.

With that in mind, Anthony and Adam take a deep dive into the current sports media landscape. They discuss ESPN reuniting with Keith Olbermann, Nate Silver joining the Worldwide Leader and what the future looks like for Fox Sports 1. They also talk about, the new website helmed by the most popular voice covering the NFL, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. The site is another example of a journalist capitalizing on their personal brand and (at least in media circles) celebrity. Is it good that journalists are able to capitalize on individual brands or does it promote a celebrity-journo culture that contradicts some of journalism’s fundamental tenants?

The fellas answer that in more in Episode 53 of the Double A Podcast.

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