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For 23 years, Adam has been in a non-committal relationship with soccer. He played the sport competitively until college but never pledged his allegiance to a club, either internationally or domestically. But at last, he has decided that it’s time to right this wrong. With Anthony as his soccer sherpa, Adam is guided through the wonderful world of European soccer in an attempt to determine which team he wants to pledge his unflinching loyalty to. Will he go with a perennial EPL powerhouse like Manchester United? Or perhaps a squad from Bundesliga or Serie A?

Adam and Anthony discuss the pros and cons of those leagues plus the MLS before bringing in Brett Compton and Matt Pentz to help with the decision. The gentlemen make compelling cases for a few teams while also using their MLS expertise to entice Adam into following a few MLS teams.

Find out which team Adam chose and share your thoughts in the comments below or e-mail them to


  1. You just can’t go wrong with the Timbers Army: most fun soccer fans in the US by a country mile. The team is lookin pretty sharp this year too.


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