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Adam and Anthony typically refrain from engaging in discussions about music, if only because Adam’s musical knowledge is stuck somwhere in between Nsync and The Eminem Show. But when Yeezus dropped, the fellas could not resist. Adam and Anthony break down the latest album from Kanye West, a succint, 10-track offering that yields some darker tracks that are, for the most part, unfit for radio. How much did they love the album? (Spoiler alert: a lot.)Which tracks really stood out? They talk about all that and even touch on Yeezy’s WTT compatriot’s newly announced album.

Then the fellas transition to the movies, where the idea is simple: draft the actors/actresses that you think will have the most success in the future. Anthony opts for the younger stars with more potential, while Adam tries to secure a few locks at the top while taking a risk in later rounds.

Vote below for who you think won the draft.

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