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Here’s your warning: there will be more Game of Thrones spoilers than goblets of wine guzzled by Tyrion.

Season three has passed in Westeros and after the climactic Red Wedding in the season’s penultimate episode, Game of Thrones tied a neat little bow in it’s season finale. Story lines intersect, families(/lovers) were reunited and other families are dissolved entirely. Dany has liberated the slaves of Yunkai, Bran and Co. have ventured beyond the wall and our favorite incestual couple is weirdly reunited in a moment that’s both creepy and touching. Adam and Anthony break down the season finale before being joined by charter member of the Jon Snow fan club, Adam’s sister Natalie. They look at their favorite story lines, least memorable plot points and hand out season MVP honors with the certainty of a Tywin Lannister soul-piercing stare.

They also answer some lingering questions that non-book readers may have, including: what exactly is Bran’s maester plan? What is the difference between a white walker and a wight? Why would George R. R. Martin use such confusing homophones? That and more are available in the latest Double A Podcast.

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