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After toiling in media purgatory for seven years, Arrested Development returned to the screen in the form of a Netflix (semi) original series. The show that was prematurely cancelled to the chagrin of an ardent fan base unveiled 15 new episodes last Sunday. Alas, the long-awaited return was not met with the same critical acclaim that the original episodes received. Adam and Anthony take a look at what went wrong in the AD rebirth and what, if any, good came of the new season.

But the return of AD also brings up an interesting idea: in the age of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus creating original content, will shows ever really die? Or will beloved TV shows continue to have a shelf life after networks boot them? The fellas break down the idea and react to more TV news.

Then there is the fantastic flopping of Cypher Rage. Will Smith’s scientology opus, After Earth, bombed at the box office and the fellas dissect what went wrong and the future prospects of Will and Jaden.

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