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One of the six greatest cinematic achievements ever has finally made it’s way to theaters and the fellas of the Double A Podcast feel it is as some sort of greater calling to discuss it in specific detail. Adam and Anthony break down the latest exploits from  Dom Toretto and the gang as they travel to London on a quest to find international man of precision Owen Shaw and his gang of batmobile/F1 driving bandits. But the real target is former (current? temporarily on leave?) family member Letty, who has reappeared as one of Shaw’s cronies after seemingly dying back in Fast and Furious.

Episode 43 breaks down the plot of Fast and Furious 6 while asking the key questions that anyone hovering around a 1327 address has, including: is Brian O’Conner a terrible father? Is he able to teleport? Can Dom actually fly? Where the hell does the underground London street racing hide? Are Ludacris and Tyrese impervious to pain? They answer all these questions and determine where this movie ranks in the pantheon of Fast movies. (Side note: this podcast is meant to be listened to with some sort of Corona/NOS/100 Grand concoction.)



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