Listen Here The NCAA Tournament has a wonderful ability to create these mythical figures each year. They are basketball demigods that seem to only exist in the public consciousness from Selection Sunday until the velvety baritone of Luther Vandross rains down over a sea of confetti. Names like Ali Farokhmanesh and Armon Bassett resurface from the college hoops ether each year to give hope to sleeping Cinderellas and remind fans of a brief but lasting moment of glory. This tournament has produced names (lookin’ at you, Sherwood Brown) and moments that will be added to the mythology of the NCAA Tournament.

In their latest podcast, Adam and Anthony take a look at some of most impressive teams from the opening weekend of the tournamen, review some of the biggest disappointments and see which players have added their names to tournament lore. Then the fellas look ahead to the Sweet 16 slate, with a focus on the best matchup in each region.

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Also, we still have our eyes on you, Jason Street. You best believe.

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